WIN a Free Signed Ball Or Jersey

CHELSEA V LIVERPOOL OCT 31 – 7:45 AM British Beverage Company

If you or someone you know who has not signed up to be a member or Chelsea in America yet maybe because they want to pay cash or just want to have someone walk them through the process, they can show up at BBC where we will have laptops available to get you signed up.  Beyond that this is a very crucial match and could mark the turning point for the entire season.  We also want to get people to the pubs as it is an early start and we want to show our appreciation to the pubs and staff for opening up early.

Every member who attends will get a chance to win a signed ball or Jersey by all the players of the 2014-2015 Double Winning Team, plus tons of other prizes.  If you sign up for membership at the pub you will earn 2 changes to win.

RSVP to the Liverpool meetup at BBC

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